Make Your Own Economy

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Make Your Own Economy

Post by Klimactic on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:21 pm

Simple, read the name. I got this idea from L2W.

Owned Country Name:

Military Types (Navy, Marines, Air Force):

Wars Entered:


Net Worth:

Rival Countries:

People Name (Koreans, etc., make one up):



Military Name (Not just called 'military'):


Country Nickname:


States (If any):

Leader (Emperor, President):

Faction, Good or Bad:




Nation's Age:

Government Seats (can be zero if only one leader is allowed):






Technology (Modern, Sub-Modern, Ancient):

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Re: Make Your Own Economy

Post by HAWKEYE44 on Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:09 am

This is a really good idea

Owned Country Name: Modern day Russia, now controlled by me.

Military Types (Navy, Marines, Air Force): Spesnatz

Wars Entered: All of the wars Russia was in and if there is a current one in the RPG, then we are in that too.

Currency:Gold and silver and copper

Net Worth: 58.9 Trillion

Rival Countries: Well, nobody made any other countries yet, so um, France, Mexico, and Germany.

People Name (Koreans, etc., make one up): New Russians


Government: Dictatorship (it's always been my dream to be one)

Military Name (Not just called 'military'): Hammer and Sickle (A reference to old Russia)

Regular soldier: Trained with a sniper rifle and machine gun. Given old Mosin Nagants and PPSH-41 they are very efficient soldiers.
Snipers: They are given more powerful rifles, the PTRS and a Tokarev for a side arm.
Engineers: Tools, shotgun, and an AK-47 with bayonet
Spec ops: The special forces soldiers are given a PTRS, AK-74, and Tokerev. Also high explosives.

Country Nickname: The Motherland

Terrain: Plains in sub parts and part tundra

States (If any): None, one unified nation

Leader (Emperor, President): Dictator

Faction, Good or Bad: Neutral


Allies: USA, England, the Slavic countries

Motto: Victory or Death!

Nation's Age: As old as mother Russia

Government Seats (can be zero if only one leader is allowed): Only one leader, me.


Details: The people are strong, both emotionally and physically. A will of steel.

Religion: Mostly Christian, but religiously free

Planet: Earth

Continent: Europe

Technology (Modern, Sub-Modern, Ancient): Sub-modern

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