Text RPG Rules And Tips

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Text RPG Rules And Tips

Post by demonickilla on Sun Sep 20, 2009 12:03 pm

Hey, if any mod will sticky this it'll be great.
(Title Grammar Nazi'd By Midget)

These are just some rules and tips from a veteran Text RPer
- Okay if anyone did'nt read the forum rules, read them now, because almost all of them apply for Text RPGs too.
-When out of character, talk in parathisist. (Like this)
-Your character must be approved by the game master. (creator of the topic)
-You MUST make a character sheet.
-Do not control someone elses character without permission.
-You're not allowed to KILL another persons character unsless they say so.
-Make your character legit, don't have some character named Darth Vader in a medievil rpg.
-Laws of physics apply in RPGs as well. No walking up walls unless it's in your character sheet!

-Make a character that resembles YOU in realife. It will give your character a better personality.
-Do not make your character the most badass person ever! The GM will most likly kick you out.
-Play a diffrent gender! Try playing as a girl when in rl your a guy! Believe me it's fun!
-Try and meet up with other players. It's no fun playing by yourself.
-Use good grammar. You would'nt want anyone thinking your in 4th grade would you?
-Don't copy some elses character. Be special! Cool
-You are allowed to make your own NPCs but remember other players can kill them without your permission.
-Do not try to be the GM, He/She can kick you out. Just roll with whatever the GM is doing. It's not all about you!

GM (Creator of the RPG)
- PM a mod your idea. They have to have it approved before you can make it.
-You must have an example of a character sheet. Or else no one will join.
-Have a title. Don't name it Text RPG, That's not original!
-Just because you're gm does'nt mean you can control other peoples characters without permission. That's no fun for the players.
-You must have a first post explaining your RPG, so players can know what to expect during play.
-Added By Evilmidget: Please make a very deep and thrilling topic. you're rules, explanation, and detail really make a huge impact on your text RPG game-play. It is omnipotent that you do so. Take a look at the current one(s); you don't see a pansy explanation, now do you?

-Make your first post very detailed. Include EVERYTHING about your RPG.
-People don't like hard assed GMs. Be nice to your fellow RPGers
-Make your own character. Be a player in your own RPG, makes it more fun!
-Don't make your character bad ass just because your GM, People won't like you!
-You need to make up the story, Your the GM, Don't let other players make vital disions for where your RP is going.
-Be active! No one will play if the GM is not active in his/her own RPG.

If I have missed anything and you are ticked off about it, PM me and I won't read it. Joking!

If a mod will lock this it would be nice.
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Re: Text RPG Rules And Tips

Post by Damian on Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:23 pm

Stickied, locked, and promoted.

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