Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide

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Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide

Post by HAWKEYE44 on Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:18 am

DQ didn't accept this for their articles section, so I decided to just post it here. It took me about a weak to write it, so enjoy. Here's all 7 pages
Strategies for Bioshock 2, online multiplayer:

Online Plasmids:

Here is a brief summary of all of the plasmids. Some of them are only available online, while some are in the campaign mode.

1. Electro Bolt- this plasmid launches bolts of lightening at your enemies. It temporarily paralyzes them, along with inflicting a bit of damage.
2. Aero Dash- this plasmid gives you a dash of speed for a short time. It is unlocked at rank 4 and can be pretty helpful when being chased by a skilled opponent or a big daddy.
3. Geyser Trap- this one is unlocked at rank 8. It is like a land mine, but with a geyser. When an enemy steps onto the geyser it goes off and launches into the ceiling, it traps them for a bit and delivers some damage.
4. Houdini Plasmid- the Houdini plasmid turns you invisible for a short period of time. It is like the Houdini splicers that you fight during the campaign. The plasmid is unlocked at rank 16.
5. Incinerate- a classic favorite, this plasmid is used to set you opponents on fire and burn them. It delivers a lot of damage and continues to hurt them as they keep burning.
6. Insect Swarm- this plasmid is unlocked at rank 20 and puts insects around your opponent’s face. When someone launches the bugs at you, you can just melee them away.
7. Telekinesis- this plasmid is unlocked at rank 12. It is used to pick things up and throw at you opponents. If you hold the plasmid in it slowly depletes your EVE, but delivers harder hits.
8. Winter Blast- This plasmid freezes and slows down your enemies. And when an opponent is frozen and you hit them or shoot them they might shatter.

Strategies for Weapons

Elephant Gun:
If you want to use the elephant gun, like me, I’d use 2 of the following plasmids. Starred being the best.

1. Incinerate*
2. Electro Bolt
3. Winter blast*

Now, you might be wondering, why these plasmids? Here’s a brief explanation.

1. Incinerate
a. I recommend this because it does enough damage to kill your enemy after you shoot them twice. Or, you can incinerate and then shoot them, so that you get kills with the elephant gun.
2. Electro Bolt
a. Electro bolt is good, but not the best. It paralyzes your opponent for a brief amount of time, but it might not be enough time. Also, it does do some damage, this way it helps you with your elephant gun kills.
3. Winter blast
a. I think this plasmid does the best with the elephant gun against opponents. It freezes them and slows them down. Its effects last longer then electro bolt, so you have an easier and clearer shot.
What is the best attachment for the weapon? Well, it depends on what you favor, but some are better then others. Here are the attachments:

1. Sniper scope, unlocked at rank 25
2. Damage increase, unlocked at level 39
3. Extra barrels, unlocked with the purchase of the “Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack”. On Xbox 360 it costs 400 microsoft points off of the Xbox live marketplace. For anything else, I don’t know how much it costs.

I personally prefer the extra barrels. Imagine either a side-to-side over under shotgun or a double-double barreled shotgun with slugs. This way in case you miss you have two extra shots backing you up. The sniper scope is pretty good, but a lot of people are moving and it’s hard to get a clear shot. If you find a camper and you can get a good headshot, you’ll be fine. Lastly, the extra damage is helpful to get a kill, but it lowers your rate of fire, so you win some, you lose some.

Tommy Gun:

This is a great gun; you get it at rank 2, so it’s a good starter gun. The gun has a 30 round clip and a fast rate of fire. But, the gun does have its problems. It is very inaccurate and it has a big kickback. For this gun, it doesn’t really matter what plasmids you use, but some are more helpful. When I used the gun I went with incinerate, so that it would take less bullets to take down my enemy; and the other plasmid I used was electro bolt, but I rarely used it. Now onto attachments:

1. 33% clip size increase- this increases your clip size from 30 rounds to 40 rounds. This is helpful because of the guns fast rate of fire. This is unlocked at rank 13.
2. Recoil Decrease- once again, this is a really helpful attachment. With how high the recoil is, it will greatly increase your aim. This attachment is unlocked at rank 31.
3. Fire-rate- This increases an already pretty high fire-rat, and makes you more inaccurate. So, I don’t recommend it, and it only is obtained by downloading the Sinclair solutions DLC.

When using this weapon I recommend either the clip size or clip increase. It will be the most helpful to get kills online and keep yourself alive.


This is a good ranged weapon, and it only takes three bolts to kill someone. At close range it isn’t that helpful. It has a fast rate of fire for how much damage it does. It holds one bolt, but is reloaded very quickly. Here are a few recommended plasmids:

1. Electro Bolt- same with the elephant gun strategy, it will slow them down and do damage. This way you can get easy, quick kills.
2. Winter Blast- once again, same with the elephant gun, you have a slowed down opponent and an easy shot.
3. Insect Swarm- this plasmid is good for defeating opponents because it blinds them for long enough that you can shoot them without them even knowing. It also does a bit of damage to your opponent, so its pretty helpful.

I recommend going with winter blast and insect swarm. This way you have a slow, and blind opponent. This sets you up for an easy, swift kill. Now onto the attachments:

1. Damage Boost- this is unlocked at rank 21 and helps you get quicker kills and deliver more damage. The only problem is that it slows down your fire rate. So, I recommend using it against a big daddy or for sniping from long distances. If used on a big daddy effectively you can deliver a lot of damage and possibly take it down.
2. Increased Rate of Fire- this attachment is unlocked at 35 and can be very useful. Making your kills quick. A problem with it is that it lowers damage. So it depends if you would rather have strength or speed.
3. Piercing Bolts- this is unlocked with the Sinclair Solutions Tester pack DLC. It makes it so your bolts can go through (pierce) many enemies. For example, if two enemies are coming toward you, one in front of the other, one shot aimed at the one in the front will go through him and deliver damage to the opponent behind him. A problem is that it lowers reload speed.

Overall, I recommend the increased rate of fire. I’d rather miss and quickly load another round, then have to make sure I hit every round without the risk of being killed between reloads.

Grenade Launcher (n00b tube):

This explosive weapon delivers a hefty amount of damage, but at slow speeds and small clips. The grenade launcher is unlocked at rank 6 and holds 3 grenades. You only need two of these to kill an opponent. Here are some helpful plasmids:

1. Winter Blast- helpful for slowing down your opponents and poppin’ a frag straight into them.
2. Aero Dash- I find this one helpful because you can dodge faster bullets while loading your slow gun. This way you have speed and power.

Since I only named two, you can use both. You’re allowed to carry two plasmids, so take full advantage of this. Now, onto attachments:

1. Heating Seeking Grenades- this is unlocked at rank 17 and can be extremely useful. It targets your opponent and greatly increases your accuracy. A small problem with it is that the explosion given off from the grenade is smaller.
2. Velocity Boost- unlocked at 33, this attachment increases the speed of your grenades. Not the speed of loading, but how fast they fly in the air. This can be helpful when you are caught in a firefight and need that grenade to hit them quick.
3. Faster Firing- this is another attachment only unlocked through the download of the Sinclair Solution Tester Pack. It is a double hitter; increases fire rate and your clip to four rockets, instead of three. The only downside is that it delivers less damage, but the extra grenade makes up for that.

Overall, if you have the DLC definitely go with the faster firing. Rate of fire increase and grenade increase equals epic win. But, if you don’t have it I’d go with the heat seeking grenades, in Bioshock’s multiplayer you need to be accurate and hard hitting. Since the velocity boost lowers your damage the heat seekers seem like a much better choice.

Nail Gun:
This weapon is obtained at rank 14 and is an amazing weapon. It has a magazine size of 50 and has the fastest fire rate of any weapon in the game. The only downside is that, like a mini gun, it has to “rev up” to start shooting. But, once that is done it shoots like crazy. It is great for fighting in close range, and groups of enemies. And honestly, any plasmid goes good with this weapon. Any type of plasmid that does damage would be helpful but isn’t necessary. With that, lets head onto attachments:

1. Extended Magazine- unlocked at rank 23, this attachment does just what its called, increases your magazine size. This can be very useful because of the weapons high rate of fire. It increases the clip from 50 to 75 rounds.
2. Damage Increase- this is unlocked at rank 37 and does just what its entitled. It makes the weapon even more of a powerhouse. The only downside is lowered accuracy. Which, depending on your style, could be very irritating,
3. Burst fire- this attachment is once again only obtained through DLC. It makes the weapon fire a cluster of nails in a burst-like mode. It fires 5 rounds at once into an opponent, but greatly decreases the weapons most notable feature, its speed.

When playing, go with the extended magazines. Unlocked early and is probably the most helpful, even if you have the DLC. When you run into 3 or 4 opponents you can mow them down with this magazine!


Unlocked from the start, it is a descent weapon, but obviously nothing special without attachments. So, if you’re new, here are some helpful hints. Plasmids:

1. Incinerate- you are going to need all of the extra damage that you can get. With this you should be able to defeat your opponent more easily.
2. Electro Bolt- once again, this is helpful to slow down your opponent while still doing damage.
3. Insect Swarm- by using this you can blind your opponent and swiftly move in and take them out.

Now, I don’t use this weapon anymore now that I am a higher level, but when I did use the weapon I went with incinerate. It proved effective against opponents. My back up was electro bolt, but once I unlocked insect swarm and tried it with my pistol it was pretty helpful. Well, now onto the attachments:

1. Automatic Firing- now, to be honest, I was disappointed with this attachment. When I think automatic firing, I picture something like a submachine gun. Boy was I wrong, the gun shot slower then it did in semi-auto, but you can just hold the trigger down to shoot. You unlock this attachment at rank 5.
2. Damage Upgrade- like it says, this increase the weapons overall damage. It is unlocked at rank 27 and is pretty helpful. It helps the pistol shoot at longer ranges and cause more damage. But, like the other damage increases it lowers your fire rate. But, considering this increases it damage I think that it’s worth it.
3. Extended Magazine- this is only available by downloading the Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack. It is pretty good; it goes from 6 rounds up to 9. If you use the weapon a lot on enemies, then I recommend it so that you can take out more enemies and not worry about running out of ammo.

Overall, I recommend the damage upgrade. It is probably the most helpful in combat. But, if you have the DLC then go with the extended mags.


Ah, the shotgun, my weapon of choice when I first started. It is great for close range, but long range, not so much. It delivers a lot of damage and unlocked from the start. Well, lets move onto plasmids that work well with it.

1. Winter Blast- this is helpful so that you can get shots in without worrying about your opponents shooting back at you while you are pumping the shotgun. Slowing them down is very helpful.
2. Aero Dash- This is helpful because you have a pump action shotgun and it takes a bit to pump it. With this plasmid you can shoot, use the plasmid and reload, then shoot again!

Since there’s two you can just use both. So you, have the advantage of slowing down your opponent and then extremely speeding up. As you can see, this will work well. Now lets move onto attachments.

1. Higher Rate of Fire- as you could guess, this is very helpful because of the slow pump. The only problem is that the range is decreased, but when using a shotgun you are going to go in close anyway. This attachment is unlocked at rank 9, which is pretty early and helpful.
2. Auto Reload- this is unlocked at rank 29, and pretty helpful. It reloads the shotgun a lot faster when you are out of shells, but lowers your rate of fire. So, it depends how accurate your shots are. If you miss a lot, then use the auto reload, if you are caught in big battles, then use the higher rate of fire.
3. Sawn off Shotgun- this is the perk that comes with the DLC for the shotgun. And like most sawn offs, increased damage, greater spread, and shorter range.

Overall, even if you have the Sinclair Solutions DLC, I’d go with the higher rate of fire. When you are in combat it is probably the most helpful. When a shotgun does lose a battle, its usually because they are against a faster gun.

If you want further information, then here are a few good sites:

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Re: Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide

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luke. you have no life. get over it


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Re: Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide

Post by HAWKEYE44 on Mon May 03, 2010 9:14 am

I just really like this game, and am disappointed that I have 1 whole comment for how long I worked on it.

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Re: Bioshock 2 Strategy Guide

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