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The Rift [RPG]

Post by kronosdragon on Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:14 am

The Rift…it is a world, a false dimension, between Earth, the world of the humans, and the Demon Realm. It was created by a Humanoid demon, named Marlic, after he became the ruler of the demons using persuasion, deceit, and a power that only he could use. At least, that’s what was once believed…

Now, a human, transported into the demon realm through an evil cheat code, has discovered that he too has this power. He is a Cheat Wielder, a being who can use the power of cheat codes to do almost anything, from healing to summoning. This power is what Marlic commands as well, and the human, Tony, has sworn to put a stop to him.

The Rift is composed mainly of a large, barren wasteland in the middle of the continent, where nothing but Worms (aka Sand Serpents) can survive. The ground is a rusty red color, like clay, and has been void of water or life since the Rift’s creation. The earth is cracked, burnt, and bone dry. Around the edges of the wasteland, aptly named “the Badlands,” there is the thick Blackwood Forest. It surrounds the Badlands with miles of dense forest, comprised of ancient trees. This forest stretches out to the edges of the continent, where a dark void encloses the Rift. The only bodies of water are small lakes and rivers scattered throughout the Blackwood.

Here’s how we start. You must first choose a race. You can be a Human, a Half-Turned, or a Demon. If you are a demon, you must specify whether you are a Minotaur, an Arachnid, a Wasp, a Naga, or a Humanoid. There are two NPR (non-playable races), and those are the Sand Serpents and the Antlions. Second, you must choose your starting world; Earth, the Rift, or the Demon Realm. Everyone will end up in the Rift one way or another, so make sure that if you start on Earth or the Demon Realm, that you describe how you got into the Rift. Humans can only enter the Rift via the evil cheat code, which all human players will receive. The game for the cheat code, and on which the Rift is based, is called Black Onslaught. Once the cheat code is used, you cannot go back to the human world until Marlic is destroyed at the end of the game. If you start in the Rift, state whether you are part of the Empire or part of the Twilight Alliance.

Now, all human characters have the option of either remaining a human or transforming into a Half-Turned or full-fledged Humanoid demon upon entering the Rift. This decision depends on what side you will join. There is the Twilight Alliance and the Empire. If you join the Empire, you will be confronted by demons under Marlic’s rule and transported to a Humanoid training facility, where you will be transformed into a Humanoid. If you side with the Twilight Alliance, you may stay as a human or become a Half-Turned. Anyone who plans on creating a character should PM me and I will give you further details about the different races.

If you decide to be a Demon, you may side with the Twilight Alliance, but upon entering the Rift, you will automatically be placed under the Empire. Thus, you must first report hearing about the Twilight Alliance before deciding that you will join them.

There is no specified time in the Rift. There is only morning, day, evening, and night. You cannot fast-forward or slow down time without my consent, that way everyone stays on track. In the demon world, the sky is always night, and time freezes on Earth upon being transported to the Rift.

Your character sheet should look as follows:

Name (First and Last, please):


Age (nothing absurd, like over 100, even for you demons):

Race (if Demon, please specify which type):

Side (Twilight Alliance or the Empire):

Starting Point (Earth, Demon Realm, or the Rift, as well as where you are located, ex.
Home, market, work, etc.)


Background Info (a brief history of your character and how they ended up in the Rift):

Yes, I know, you’re thinking “Wait! What about weapons?” If your character is specialized (ex. Soldier, scientist, sniper, etc.) state the specialization in the Background Info part of the character sheet. When you first come into the Rift, no one will be armed. Only when you join your specific side will you be outfitted. Anyone without a specialization will be equipped with standard-issue laser rifles, black stealth armor and your choice of a black sword or a laser pistol (similar in construction to a Desert Eagle). You cannot bring weapons with you. If you have a specialization, request the equivalent of your weapon as it is in the Rift (snipers will have a specialized sniper rifle, and people based mainly on melee fighting will be given swords, throwing knives, etc.) If you wish to request a special weapon, PM me and I’ll see if I can give you the weapon you want.

Now, humans will start in the Badlands. From here, you will either be rescued by a member of the Twilight Alliance (me) or taken to a Humanoid training facility by demons. HOWEVER! If you wish to start already a member of one side or the other, contact me and let me know, and I will give you a rank or purpose, depending on what side you are on. I’ll start this off with my character sheet.

Name: Ash Delincia

Sex: Female

Age: 19

Race: Half-Turned

Side: Twilight Alliance

Starting Point: the Rift, in the underground base of the Twilight Alliance

Appearance: 5’ 11” with long black hair, short horns on the forehead, fiery red eyes, pointed fangs, and fair skin. Wears black stealth armor and a face mask, as most of her operations occur in the dusty landscape of the Badlands. Carries a long black sword, a black dagger, and a pair of laser pistols on her hips.

Background Info: Ash has been trapped in the Rift for three years, even though time on earth hasn’t passed for so much as a second. She’s a very silent, calculating person, who’s past is unknown to all. She’s a very mysterious girl, who doesn’t like talking much about herself. She prefers to learn about others, and has a pretty off-putting attitude toward everyone. However, once one gets to know her, she’s a good person and has a strong sense of right and wrong. She specializes in guerilla-like tactics mixed with an assassin’s skills. She was once human, had been captured by Marlic’s forces, but escaped to find Tony and helped him begin the Twilight Alliance, the only resistance to Marlic’s rule.

Now, I will control Tony and Marlic’s movements, but Ash will be my main character. Let the fun begin…

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